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      • Roulette: a brief history and basic introduction to the game

      • Roulette: a brief history and basic introduction to the game


        Author of the publication: Mario Morgan

        Roulette is one of the most popular casino games and now you can experience the thrill of the wheel online with some great welcome bonuses and free roulette money. Take $10 free cash or use a free play with the casino’s money to play and keep what you win. With modern technology, a vast array of options are available, including live dealer casinos beamed directly via webcams to your screen.

        Roulette - literal meaning from french "little wheel" was developed in the 18th century by the French monk and mathematician Blaise Pascal and was thought to be part of his attempt to build a perpetual motion machine.

        The earliest form of roulette was seen in 1796 in Paris initially, the game was played with 2 zeros, which were reserved for the bank plus 36 numbers for the player to bet on 18 red and 18 black.

        In 1843 in the German town of Homberg the Blanc brothers have introduced the single zero version we see today as a way of competing against their French counterparts. By offering better odds to the players, they hoped to lure players away from the French resorts.

        The USA introduced the version of roulette featuring double zero and an eagles head slot which gave the house even further edge. This was abandoned due to unpopularity and the standard US version features zero and double zero.

        In modern-day, roulette is still one of the most popular casino games and can be played online with live dealers giving just as much joy to the player as traditional land-based casinos. Players can also benefit from new variations of the game to add that extra dimension to gameplay.

        Some Interesting Facts About Roulette

        • All the numbers added together on a roulette table add up to 666.
        • The creator Blaise Pascal almost drove himself mad trying to find a system to beat the odds on roulette.
        • The house edge on a single zero wheel is 2.7% whereas on a double zero it is 5.26%
        • In 2004 a British man, Ashley Revell, sold all his belongings, including his house, traveled to Las Vegas and staked £135000 on red on the roulette wheel in one spin, AND WON.
        • In his book “13 against the bank” Norman Leigh and his team claim to have won fortunes using their reverse Labouchere system and got banned from all casinos throughout Europe.
        • The 1st man to break to bank at Monte Carlo was Joseph Jagger in 1873.
        • The most popular number to bet on is 0 and the least popular is 25.

        Strategy on How to Play at Roulette

        Martingale - A progress system which is played on even chances and is based on probability that the bet will eventually win. The player starts on an even chance bet (red/black odd/even high/low) and continues to double the bet until it hits. A player then reverts back to min bet.

        When the player hits a winning spin he will have gained the value of the initial bet in profit. This system is a long-term strategy with slow gains and if the player hits an adverse run of losses then this could use up bankroll quickly.

        Labouchere - This is a canceling out system and is more suited to smaller bankrolls as with missed spins the cumulative bet does not progress as with martingale. A player begins by writing a row of 6 numbers ie. 1 2 3 4 5 6 with the target being to cross out all numbers. By adding the 2 outer numbers this determines the bet in units. If the spin is won the 2 numbers are crossed out if it loses the bet total is added to the line and it's all repeated. The object of this system is to cross out all numbers on the line.

        Reverse Labouchere - was made famous by the book “13 against the bank”, this system simply reverses the labouchere system. Every winning spin adds the number to the line and losing spins cross out. This can be good for a short-term if you set a target to reach your maximum progressive bet, ie use units of £1 and target max bet of £25

        D'Alembert - is a basic progressive system on even chances. Start with a chosen amount on even chance and every winning spin reduce this by 1 unit and on losing spins add 1 unit to the bet. The target is to reach the table minimum so if this is £5 start at £10 with the aim to reach £5. Seen as much safer than martingale as the stakes do not increase at the same rate

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